Are You a Care Giver?

Several things we need to know as the one who take care people with Parkinson’s disease :

  • Keep yourself fit and healthy. You will need to take a good and balanced nutrition, exercise regularly, also rest well.
  • Our mental health also important. If you feel overwhelmed, you may take turn with other care givers.
  • Make a diary to take note of the patient progress.
  • Remind them to take the medicines and their follow up appointment with doctor.
  • In the advanced stage of Parkinson’s, patients need help to carry out daily activities. Be careful when feeding food to them because of the risk of choking and aspiration pneumonia
  • People with Parkinson’s who are no longer able to sit or stand by their own, we need to help to change their sleeping position or help them to sit. This is to prevent lung infection and also skin irritation on the back due to prolonged lying down.
  • Help to prepare the supporting instruments, such as: wheel chair, wall holders beside the toilet bowl and bed.
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