Do I have Parkinson’s disease?

If you’re worried you may have Parkinson’s, you can try to answer the questionnaire below. If you answer yes to several of the questions below, you should discuss with your doctor or neurologist or neurosurgeon or you can download the questionnaire from this link

  1. Have you been getting slower in your usual daily activities?
  2. Is your handwriting smaller?
  3. Is your speech slurred or softer?
  4. Do you have trouble arising from a chair?
  5. Do your lips, hand, arms and/or legs shake?
  6. Have you noticed more stiffness?
  7. Do you have trouble buttoning buttons or dressing?
  8. Do you shuffle your feet and/or take smaller steps when you walk?
  9. Do your feet seem to get stuck to the floor when walking or turning?
  10. Have you or others noted that you don’t swing one arm when walking?
  11. Do you have more trouble with your balance?
  12. Have you or others noted that you stoop or have abnormal posture?
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