Newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s? What You Need to Know

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition. This means that it may gets worse over time.

But everyone’s Parkinson’s progresses differently. More importantly, do not lose hope! There are lots of treatments, therapies and support available to help you manage the condition.

Is Parkinson’s disease curable?

Researchers have found no cure for Parkinson’s disease so far. But despite recent progress, researchers are still searching for a cure. The goal of early detection and treatment is to reduce the development of Parkinson’s disease to worse state.

Can I work or do my daily activities?

Having Parkinson’s doesn’t mean you need to stop working or doing your daily activities. You may drive your car, cook, read, exercise, etc. However, you need to know about your own condition and stay safe on doing those activities.

Things that you need to do:

  • Inform your family or closest person
  • Get a healthy lifestyle. Do not miss your work out. Exercise may delays the rigidity.

You are not alone! Join us! Parkinson Asia Community connects you with those who have experience in Parkinson’s disease; patients, care giver, medical professionals. We have WhatsApp group care and also webminars to share the informations.

Let’s fight Parkinson’s disease together!

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